HISTORY OF IB (INTELLIGENCE BUREAU):

The head geographic factor of IB is observed in Islamabad, Asian usa. The vital intention of the Intelligence Bureau is to attend to an eye on politicians and political activities. it is in operation con to behave of terrorism to counter the call of the game corporations of diverse countries. Dr Suleman Khan is that the Director-General of Intelligence Bureau Pakistan. The Director-General of IB right away opinions to the Prime Minister of Pakistan or so its operations. Read: Military Intelligence (IB) Pakistan History of Intelligence Bureau (IB) Actually, Intelligence Bureau from the day on is the area of British Intelligence Bureau that come to be got here upon thru Charles malefactor – Major General of British Army. Asian usa ARMY Intelligence Bureau (IB) Pakistan fifty 2 Comments. SHARETWEETPIN ITSHARE Intelligence Bureau (IB) Pakistan Intelligence Bureau (IB) Pakistan is that the earliest Intelligence organization. Intelligence Bureau is the civilian intelligence organization said as IB Pakistan. it is installation on seventeen August 1947. All meetings and control of Intelligence Bureau operations are certified thru the Prime Minister of Pakistan. the top geographic factor of IB is observed in Islamabad, Asian usa. thereon occasion in 1885, Charles malefactor come to be the team of workers officer and head of the intelligence department at Shimla. Victoria sent Charles MacGregor to Brits navy. During the owed 19th century, the precept purpose of IB is to attend to a take a look at on the deployments of the Russian navy in Asian usa withinside the worry of the Russian takeover of British India. as soon as the independence of Asian usa, all protection pressure like IB come to be portioned. And Pakistan Intelligence bureau come to be got here upon in Karachi. That’s why IB is that the oldest thriller intelligence service, absolutely exceptional being the repose Services Intelligence (ISI) and Military Intelligence (MI) of the Asian usa Army. inside the beginning, the IB is the satisfactory vital intelligence organization of Pakistan with the responsibility of countering domestic police paintings and foreign places affairs. In 1947, unsatisfying particularization and bad typical overall performance of Military Intelligence (MI) come to be presently now no longer admirable. as a consequence of this, IB come to be demanding or so internal safety affairs and now no longer succesful to assemble the foreign places intelligence collection. The evaluation induced the set up order of ISI (ISI) in 1948 that at once took responsibility for the collection of strategic and foreign places intelligence the least bit levels of command. The Prime Minister of Asian usa makes appointments for IB however the have to be confirmed thru the President. Powers of Intelligence bureau (IB) Pakistan The IB thriller sellers are not allowed to arrest formally. IB officials do record to FIA to moreover arrest the suspects and similarly keep with the interrogation. IB similarly takings filtration on intelligence amongst police, absolutely exceptional law social manage forces, and intelligence community of Pakistan. The Bureau allows compulsory safety clearances to judges and Pakistani diplomats to in advance they take the oath/


IB officers list killed in operational duties:

1993: Abdul Latif Baloch

1983: Aman-Ullah Khan, Director General

2008: Khaliq uz zaman, Inspector

2009: Qamar Anees Shaheed, Assistant Sub Inspector

2010: Saif Ullah Khalid, Inspector

2010: Kashif khan

2011: Hassan Raza

Alam Khan, Sub Inspector

Abdul Razzaq, Inspector

Arshad Ghayas, Assistant Sub Inspector

Siraj, Deputy Director

2012: Qamar Raza

2012: Bashir Khan, Inspector

2013: Muhammad Ali, Sub-Inspector

Khawaja Abdul Wahab. Inspector Sargodha

Mazhar Awan, Sub Inspector Sargodha

Mazhar Ali, Sub Inspector Sargodha

Agha Aatif Khan, Assistant Sub Inspector Sargodha

Abdul Mueed Hamirani, Assistant Director

Sajid Hussain Zahidi, Assistant Director

Manan Shah, Inspector

2014: Rana Saad Noorani

2016: Usman Gul, Inspector


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