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About Us

Welcome to Jobs pk online, your number one source for all the Business and Marketing. We’re dedicated to providing you the very best Information About Business and Marketing,


Our team includes many members. Our main characters are only 3 members who have specific roles and they are so skilled in their roles.


Mutiullah Jamil

Is the founder of the page. The group belongs to him. All the efforts of collecting and comprising the team also belong to him. All the work and instruction are provided by the founder to the other team and the work of checking the post and uploading is also done by him. Moreover, he is also has done his Ph.D. and he is a web designer and he also has knowledge about many important languages of computers like Java, C++, HTML, and Pascal.


Huzaifa Jamil

Is specialized for writing the Articles on the page. He is also very much specialized and skilled in his work. He does his work smoothly and correctly. All the articles are written by him. This member has a qualification of FSC and done many English language courses and has a very good command of the English language and articles writing.


Saad Abdullah

Is the Editor of this page. He does all the editing of the page. He does all the work to traffic the page. He is also a digital marketer. He also traffic the page with the help of social media. He also gives the ideas for the betterment of page. And as qualification he has clears his BSCS and also has many courses of computer. He also knows  C language.