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Best Platform for Marketing.

Best Platform for Marketing: Nowadays every businessman wants his business to spread to more and more people. And he does everything possible to spread his space. But you are all aware that today people are expanding their business with smart work. The platform that we are going to talk about today is very popular and a lot of your work is coming up. Which you can use to invite new people to your business and spread your business to new people and people will know more about your business.

Best Platform for Marketing. Increase your Audience

Best Platform for Marketing. Increase your Audience

Below you are told about more such platforms.

Medium: Yes it is a platform that is considered very good in the eyes of Google and every party that writes on it will arrive on Google’s front page within a few hours or a few days.

How it’s working. (Best Platform for Marketing)

So let’s talk about what a method we can be a part of, and how we can share information about our product and link it to the top of Google. Before I explain the procedure, I would like to give you some precautions

What posting does this website allow you to do but you will only have to write unique articles here and there if you do not do so, it will delete your article in a few days if it has any errors.


How can you become a member here?

You have to visit this web site and you have to directly create your profile here. Profile tracking here is not that difficult. You can also create an account with your Gmail. If you are having any problem creating the profile, you can watch its related videos and easily perform it on YouTube.

How to approve the medium account

So the most important issue here is how you can get your account to approve. The best and most popular way to do this is to open up people’s articles here, like it and comment and share it and follow some people who will easily get your work done. 

If you work on this website professionally then you will not have any problems but if you use any rowing method then you will face many problems.

TIP: How to rank a post on google

If you follow the procedure I have given you, I can tell you with a 100% guarantee that you can easily crane your article on the Google front page and that you will have no problem whatsoever. Will not have to face

  • Write the Unique Article that contains almost 500 to 600 words
  • Be aware that the images you use are copyright-free (3 images minimum)
  • And from this article, you also put two to three links on your website so people know about you too. And it will also help to Rank your Article
  • If you share any video from YouTube here, your ranking may still be biased. 
  • Because all this factor is essential to a good post.

The negative role of social media

Social media is the force that can turn the tide and flow of the river, the ability that social media has, we must understand and use it, social media has proved that through it, institutions Social media is an interactive medium that can influence each other, but its positive uses have outweighed its negative ones. The market for lies, deception and fraud is hot on social media. Social media has badly damaged the morals of the youth. It also affects their abilities. This is a great moment of reflection. Every Muslim should be virtuous, Islam does not teach immoral religion, the main purpose of Islam is to create a morally virtuous society, it is the duty of parents to keep a close watch on their children so that they do not use social media negatively. Scholars, teachers, imams, intellectuals should play their full role in the training of society. Create an atmosphere in the society which can discourage the elements that spread immorality, hatred and prejudice in the society.


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