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The smart way to collect emails from Facebook.

Collect Emails from Facebook: By the way, it is very easy to Collect emails From Facebook but the way I am going to extract emails from Facebook for your email marketing today is very different so you need to pay close attention to it. I have to work with.

Collect Emails from facebook For Email marketing 2020

Collect Emails from facebook For Email marketing 2020

How I Collect Emails from Facebook?

First of all, I am going to tell you the way I like my many emails from Facebook.

 My 1st method.

  • The first thing you need to do is go to your Facebook search box and type “Drop your email”

Collect Emails from Facebook

  • As you type these keywords into the search box, a lot of Post will come to you
  • You have to open any of these posts
  • If you want to get as many e-mails from one post as you want, then you can concrete the post with the most comments.
  • then you have to view up all the comments of this post which are hidden by clicking the “view more comments” Button

Collect Emails from Facebook

Note: If you are using a Chrome browser then you have to install this extension by clicking on the link below.

Email Explorer

  • As soon as you open all the comments you have to click on the link of this extension.
  • This Extension will automatically collect all email which is given in the post comments.

collect emails From Facebook

  • Then you have to click on the export button then all the emails will be delivered to you in the form of notepad.

How to Collect targeted emails from Facebook

  • If you want to get specific people’s e-mail from Facebook then you have to follow the procedure below.
  • if you want to collect targeted emails then you have to join the similar and the related groups.
  • once you have joined the groups then the second thing you have to do is that you have to search “drop your emails”
  • then all the comments of this post will have appeared, you have to open them all. then you have to collect all the emails by using the extensions I have told you about

2nd paid method to collect emails from Facebook

The second best and most useful method to collect emails from Facebook. You have to create a Facebook page and add a signup option through which people will come to your page and sign up. you can easily find their Gmail through this. If you want people to come to your page more and more, you can offer them to get the free e-book

Facebook CTA button.

you have to add the CTA button to your Facebook page through which people will contact you. The benefit is that as soon as someone contacts you, you will get information.

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