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Get 5000 Likes on Facebook page best way to get Likes

Today we are going to talk about how we can Get 5000 Likes on Facebook page within a minute.

Get 5000 Likes on Facebook page. Trick to get More

Get 5000 Likes on Facebook page. Trick to get More

Step 1

Get 5000 Likes on Facebook page: So, first of all, you have to create your own Facebook page and inside it, you have to add five thousand friends.

Step 2

Get 5000 Likes on Facebook page: Then you have to click on the link below. Or you can go to Google and write a Facebook profile to a page. Then you have to click on the first link below.

5000 like on Facebook page

After that, a screen like this will open in front of you. Then click on Create a Facebook page Based on Your profile. After that, whatever page you want to create, then do the option as well. After a while, your page will automatically add five thousand likes. Note: When they ask you which friend likes your Facebook page you have to Click on Select all.


Get 5000 Likes on Facebook page: The name of your Facebook page will be the same as your account name. You can also create a Facebook page by changing the name of Facebook.

Tricks To Get More likes

If you need more likes on your Facebook page then Follow the step given below

  1. Unfriend all old friend on your Facebook page
  2. Add New Friend on your Facebook profile.
  3. and then convert all friend to likes again (option is available on the page)

Tricks To Get More Page Like

If you want to get even more likes, you can add more likes by following the procedure below.

  1. Create a new Facebook account with the same name as the first Facebook account you created.
  2. Add five thousand friends to this account and convert it to the Facebook page.
  3. On this Facebook page, add your own account to the account you previously subscribed five thousand likes.
  4. And then finally you have to merge these two pages

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Are there fewer posts on your Facebook page?

How are likes, comments, and shares going on posts? Write information

The organic reach of posts on Facebook is steadily declining as the Facebook network itself expands rapidly, creating millions of individual accounts, pages, and groups around the world every day. The more Facebook users, pages and groups you have, the harder it will be for you to find the user you want. Tell yourself if it becomes difficult to find one of the 10 bikes of the same color. If so, you will have to use a special method to find the bike you want. Therefore, due to more and more business pages and a tough competition environment, the posts made on Facebook pages get less reach, but if these pages keep changing over time, then the problem can be overcome. So, if the reach of your page posts is low and you want to increase their reach, likes and comments and shares, then follow a few tips below, you can significantly reduce your loss. Are.

  1. Purchased followers are useless: The first piece of advice in this regard is to never increase your followers in an unconventional way. There is no point in buying followers from different companies in these situations. Your original followers are your real assets, it is important to mention here that the pages with less or a certain number of followers, the post reach of those pages is more. Pages with huge followers have their own posts on the algorithm. There is a barrier to going viral, the algorithm does not stand in the way of posts with relatively few followers.
  2. Make each of your posts unique: Many Facebook accounts and pages have made themselves newswall bulletins, etc. I have changed, there is nothing wrong with that, but going the same way and posting the same content in groups is a problem, because Facebook is not something like a newspaper, magazine or news website, but Facebook. It’s about the community, so every post you make should be for Facebook users, something that the Facebook user is forced to click on. You can also add thumbnails and tags with it, this thing will engage more users, like, comment and share the user on other types of posts. Give a reason to do so so that they do not go without any reaction to it, remember that the posts on which you have more comments and shares spread this post even more, the more people your page and post. Engage on Facebook helps you spread such posts even more. Don’t be content with just liking. Give your users posts that will make them feel more interested in following and reacting to each other. This is an effective way to get as many posts as possible on your page. Meaning your patch will turn out in maximum reach. .
  3. How to stay in the news feed as long as possible: Facebook’s news feed has a lot of posts coming and going every day, very few of them are lucky enough to stay there longer. But it is a fact that in a news feed, the same post lasts longer which is unique from others, such as posts with good images, new and unique text and influential content, and attractive design. 
  4.  Post as much content as you can, factual news, informative and interesting content, post true historical events as much as possible. These things are the most shared. .
  5.  Reshare a good and viral post with a new style because when you give a user a post from an angle for the first time and he likes it, try sharing the same post from another angle the next time, strong Chances are users will like this post more than ever.
  6. One of the reasons for the low reach of your posts is that they are not being delivered on time. For example, when you post a news story that you have given to many page users before you, there is no chance that your post will get only a handful of users out of the whole sack, so think about the time of your post. And because Facebook’s algorithm takes great care of time and punishes latecomers.
  7. How to check maximum traffic or pack time of users? There are many tools on the internet that can tell you what the pack time is for your page, but be sure to dedicate your pack time to good posts as this pack time is also a target for your other competitors. Yes, in those few hours the one who will do better, the more good posts will rule the news feed
  8. Another great way to increase reach: Sharing your post on your own page on Facebook is a normal By the way, do something out of the ordinary, one of the ways to increase the reach of Facebook is to use the Facebook groups platform, Facebook appreciates the posts of the groups very much, your posts on Facebook. Share in large groups, like other groups, because this is the most effective way to increase reach, and also use methods like Deals, Bonuses and Reward Quiz to attract users to your page,
  9. Work closely with the most important users and influential members of the page, you support them or highlight them and in return they spread your posts as much as possible. This is a great way to increase the reach of your posts.



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