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How to Make Money from Facebook in Smart Ways in 2020

Today we are going to talk about how we can Make Money from Facebook and what are some things that we need to keep in mind. As you all know we can make money from the book again just as people make money from YouTube.

To make money from Facebook there are some things we need to keep in mind and there are some rules that can help you to make money from Facebook.

So let’s talk about how we can make money from Facebook by following the procedure.

How to Make Money from Facebook in 2020

How to Make Money from Facebook in 2020

Create an account and Make Money from Facebook

First of all, you guys need to have a Facebook account. But if you don’t know how a Facebook account is created, you can go to YouTube and see how it works. Creating a Facebook account is not a daunting task. You can easily create it. Anyway, nowadays everyone has their own Facebook account.

Create a Page and Make Money from Facebook

Secondly, you guys have to create a page on Facebook. If you don’t know how to delete people on Facebook, you can also watch this way on YouTube.

Personnel page = 5000 like and Make Money from Facebook

If you want to create your Facebook page with the same name you created a Facebook account, then you are given five thousand like for free. If you want to know more about it then you have to search for it on YouTube and understand more about it…

What we need to do after creating the Facebook page.

the Facebook account created a Facebook page also now you have the question of what to do next. So don’t worry, I have a great solution.  You need to post Daily 5 to 8 on your page. After posting it has to be shared only in different groups. So that people can know about your badge.

And there is another solution that you can give your Facebook page ad to others by paying some money to Facebook. This will not require you to organize each post into different groups. All you have to do is keep posting on your page. If the Daily will do this, then I can assure you 100% that you will surely move forward… And you’ll easily make money from it too

How to enable monetization on Facebook Page.

As soon as a lot of traffic begins to flow to your page and many people start to see your page, then with Facebook, you will give back to people that you can make money from Facebook it too. You do not just have to be discouraged and do something very spacious every day. Many people gather on your page today and look at your post and Facebook will know that this page is good and its Dyson should be done.


Like everyone else, you will surely be wondering, “What are some ways we can make money on Facebook? It’s probably the people who are making money from Facebook and they make us videos of them and have been shouting on YouTube all day that making money from Facebook is no longer impossible. But why are only those people earning? There is no servant of Allah around us who is making money from Facebook. Here we are spending money on packaging Facebook.

We keep hearing from the group admins around us that we have sacrificed all our earnings on Facebook packages and have not earned a single rupee yet. This is all nonsense. If we could make money from Facebook, we would be millionaires today. We were in cars. And they would not even face a small servant. Everyone is lying. Don’t pay attention to their nonsense.
But still, whenever we watch YouTube videos on how to make money from Facebook. Then the desire to make money reappears in our hearts. And once again the temptation begins in our minds to listen to him once and for all. Hardly a lamp of the divine religion even touches our hands which, as soon as we rub it, the jinn are present, “What is the ruling, my lord? Brother, now it is known that only dollar after dollar is being extracted from Facebook. But alas! Where would this jinn be? I wish we could get our hands on it once.

Get out of these dreams and come to the real world. No task in the world is easy. But it is possible. If everyone is making videos on YouTube, then something will happen. Is there a way? Are they all crazy? Someone must have made money from Facebook? There must be away. Which can make money from Facebook? If there is a way, then what’s the point of trying it out? Let me tell you how to make money from Facebook. Which requires both hard work and patience. If you can do this, read the next article, otherwise, end the story here, and focus on your work. Because this writing is no longer for you and you cannot benefit from it.

The first way to make money on Facebook is to create a Facebook page. After creating the Facebook page, you can add the video again and remember that the video should not be in the Urdu language as the Urdu language has not been added yet. It is better to include an English language video on it. You can insert any type of video in it. First, you download YouTube videos and share them on Facebook. Send page liking notifications to as many people as possible. You need at least 10,000 (ten thousand) followers for this purpose. And a minute watch time for three minutes video. This means you must have at least three minutes of videos. Which has been viewed at least 30,000 times for at least a minute? Then you can also bring with you a friend or relative who is out of the country, ie anywhere in Saudi Arabia or UAE. Also, make this page admin. Because there is no facility in Pakistan yet to make money from Facebook, but there is also a solution, which is to make a friend or relative who is out of the country the admin of this page. Then apply for monetization. Your video will be edited. And then make as much money as you can.

The second method is instant articles. In which you write short articles. But for these articles, you need a website. Now you buy a domain and hosting. This is what you do for free in Blogger. It depends on you. Here’s a little more to say that you can earn more from the website. If you can write good articles in English. Or you can write in Urdu. Secondly, Google Ad also appears on the website very quickly. I’ve created a website for two of my friends and both have Google Ad. And that too within a month. It was about making money from Facebook. Now you can go to Google and search for Facebook Instant Articles. By doing this you will link your blog or website to Facebook. Now Facebook will also start posting ads on it. If you write an article and post it on your website, it will come to Facebook automatically. And it will have ads. The more views you have, the more money you will earn. But for instant articles, you must have a page at least one-month-old. And yes, it’s not about likes or followers. Just the page must be one month old. You can see Javed Chaudhry’s page for an example of instant articles.

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